The Prayers of Jesus – Give God Your “YES”

Kevin Wells   -  

We have learned that prayer starts with PRAISE.

Prayer is full of OPPORTUNITIES…

How do I pray for God’s will for my family?

1.Heaven is a real place where believers go when they die. It really exists. It’s real. God is there.

  1. Everything there is carried our completely and perfectly.

There is no sin, no sickness, no worries, no fears, no tears.

  1. Jesus prayed that “God’s will would be done in our lives and around us on earth, just as it is in heaven.”

Isaiah 6:1-3

Part 1

The Lord was sitting on His throne when Isaiah saw Him. Six angels were surrounding Him. They flew around Him saying Holy, Holy, Holy (in worship).

This first point is that Isaiah was


Isaiah was focused on God on His throne. God gave Him the words to write in His Word

About this experience. The word Holy is a sacred word that means set apart.

In praying for our family, we first focus on God. As Christians, we are to check our hearts for   unfaithfulness. We acknowledge who God is to us and that He has power to do all things. We spend time to worship in thankfulness for our salvation and His sacrifice.

We pray for our family’s souls, relationships, and mindsets that may need changes, not forgetting to include ourself in these needed changes.

We pray God would reveal the underlying problems that we need to deal with ourselves.

We take time to listen for what God has to say. We obey what he tells us.

We give our family members to God and believe that he will bring about healing in all areas. We continue to interact with them in Christlike manners and continue in prayer for changes.

We wait earnestly for God to work His miracles in our family.